Watch that command

I was reminded to day of how useful watch is. I omitted it from my previous list of important and useful commands because I rarely use it. But today I had George open on the bench and was finding out what fan connectors on the motherboard corresponded to which speed sensor, as reported by lm-sensors.
watch -n 0 "sensors w83793-i2c-0-2f | grep fan"

Then, as I plugged and unplugged a 3-wire fan here and there, I could see on screen what was going on. This is especially important, cause you don't want to unplug the CPU fan for any length of time.

FYI, the sensor:fan port mapping for a DSBV-DX is as follows:
fan1  CPU_FAN1

fan2 CPU_FAN2
fan3 FRNT_FAN1
fan4 FRNT_FAN2
fan5 FRNT_FAN3
fan6 FRNT_FAN4
fan7 REAR_FAN1
fan8 REAR_FAN2
fan9 FBD_FAN1
fan10 N/C
fan11 N/C
fan12 N/C

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