More java

jBoss looks to be amazingly amazing. It's nearly exactly what I want in a Web Framework. In fact, it's close to what I thought JAAS would become, but never did.

It is in Java, though. And I think I'd rather stick my hand down my throat and rip out my lungs rather then live with Java, day in day out.

But maybe I could spend a lot time finishing JAAS and turning it into what I wanted it to be in the first place. Or, if the big contract dream because the Big Signed Contract I could hire some PFYs to do it while I cracked a whip. Yeah, that would be awesome.


  • Documentation;
  • Work Log4perl in;
  • Reflex layer;
  • Much better object lifetime;
  • Much faster/better session lifetime;
  • Speed! (See previous 2 items);
  • The Widget to HTML rendering stuff needs to be simplified and dekludged.

That, as a rough begining...

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