More scams

A scammer with a Indian accent just called me, CLID was 760-705-8888. The caller claimed to be from "National Hydro Regulatory something or other" and that he was going to reduce my "hydro bill" by 40%. The connection was really bad and laggy so I didn't get much out of him. He didn't seem to know what he was talking about. When I asked why he sounded so much like a scammer and if the next bit of info he wanted was a credit card number, he called me an asshole and hung up. Had the connection not been as laggy and me less busy I might have tried to get more info out of him.

You now all have a pre-warning of this specific scam.

What's more, if ever someone phones you up, that you've never heard about, asks for CC info or pretty much anything and won't give you a call back number, well HEY IT'S A SCAM.