It's a server, not a telephone!

Dear the people at Red Hat,

I'm trying to set up a VMware server on top of CentOS 5.5. I want / to be LVM on top of RAID5, /boot as RAID also. I want as few packages installed as possible, only the bare minimum services running. This seems like simple but widespread scenario.

But why did it take me 3 hours?

Why did LVM on RAID5 require a bleeding graphical install? This is a server we're talking about.

Why did a huge pile of useless stuff like bluetooth, pcsc, xfs (?!), nfs, cups, wpa_supplicant, tux, apache, nscd, IRDA get installed? If I need these things, yum allows me to install them in seconds. Instead I spend an hours hunting down those and other useless bits.

Maybe I'm just getting old. But I pine for Redhat 9, where everything was small, simple, understandable. Now everything is 5 levels of indirections, lots of smoke and a dash of magic.



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