Nice one, Microsoft

For the last 2 weeks or so, I've been staring at and thinking about the UI to my new startup's flagship product. Beyond the Beyond pointed me towards a piece by the Windows Phone 7 metro design language. So I Googled up some examples. And I find this really beautiful website.

Now, if there's something I enjoy more then complaining about computers, it's complaining about Microsoft. Not only that, I've been staring at websites for the last +16 years. Rarely has a website design made me go "woah, yes!" Black/white/grey/orange? Liberal use of whitespace? Visible clutter approaching zero? WOAH! YES!

What's more, the videos of the Metro design language I've seen make it look really nice. I would call it what happens when you mix Helvetica, iOS and the minimalism of the 1972 Munich Olympic pictograms.

PS: I was going to post a link to Apple's iOS 4 page, but I had to spend a few minutes refusing all the cookies they wanted to set. Fuck 'em.


Margo and Chris said...

Watch what you say about Microsoft!!
You are about to become related by marriage to a very senior Microsoft engineer!

Philip said...

First off any very senior Microsoft engineer is going to be more aware of Microsoft's failings then me.

Secondly, wait what marriage? Who? To whom?