Google does it again

Impress me, that is. Look at this:
Google is good at this
Not only do they flag recipe as a special search type, but they allow me to refine my search by ingredient, cooking time and calories. OK, that last one is stupid and the list of ingredients they do allow me to exclude/include are a bit short, it's still impressive.

While on the subject of Google, take a look at this:
Google is good at this
See that subtle little blue bar above "Web"? What's more, they only waste 130 pixels before getting to search results.

Microsoft wastes 145 pixels, which is not bad considering how much more fluff they have.
Bing is a fast follower

And Yahoo! wastes 190 pixels. And has blinding blue links that I kinda, strangely enough.
Yahoo! flounders around without a map
Pixels are important. Everyone seems to have made the mistake of buying a wide screen LCD, vertical pixels are at a premium.

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