Server-side javascript, yep!

Turns out the solution to server-side Javascript is V8, NodeJS, node-mysql and express. When I get a few spare tuits I'm going to see how all this fits together.

EDIT: Also dnode, expresso


Susan said...

My cell phone changed the time as soon as I made a call. My thermometer, which gets its time from Boulder Colorado, doesn't know that the dates of the switches to and from Daylight Saving have been changed. I e-mailed Honeywell, who told me to contact another company and gave me an invalid address. Then Honeywell sent me a form to evaluate how satisfied I was with their tech support!! Can I be bothered to follow up?

Philip said...

What youre thermometer thing needs is a firmware upgrade. And if Honeywell cares enough about a product to put their logo on it, they should care enough to do support after sales. And at least say "upgrading the firmeware is impossible."

So yes, respond and complain.

But what we really need is fewer scientifically illiterate presidents.