It's time

So the time changed a week or so back. But it didn't on my cellphone. My 16h15 Désirée reminder was going off at 15h15, most annoying. Finally, I called Solo to complain. The script reader got me to do a bunch of silly things, none of which worked. A modern cellphone gets its time from the cellular network, so basically the problem was on their side.

That evening Dominique told me her work cell would have the wrong time in the morning, but the right time during the day. Faulty cell tower, I blame you!

My support call was eventually escalated to an engineering ticket, they said 24-48 hours to fix. As I was making bread just now, my cell did the looking-for-server-beep, well, several of those beeps, and now it has got the time right.

Which I guess means they just rebooted the tower.

All this sort of makes me wonder: am I the only person in North Hatley and Katevale to notice that their cell was out of sync? If not, why didn't anyone phone in before me? If was the only one to notice, wtf you people?


Susan said...

Inspired by this I talked to user friendly but really thick liveware who was in California and obviously had no solution. 'Just change it manually.' Susan: 'As long as the clock thinks it is in the Eastern Time Zone, I cannot persuade it to change. I could tell it I'm in the Atlantic Time Zone for 3 weeks in spring and one in the fall, but that seems silly.' UFBRTL, '???' I give up.

capngwyn said...

You mean they *can* fix this problem? I thought we were doomed to have our phones be off by an hour for two weeks a year forever.

Philip said...

All they have to do is update the NTP server on the tower...

BTW, Cap'n, though you attempt to hide your identity, I've tracked you down to the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria, BC, Canada.