SSDs are not ready

The drive on Corey is/was in the process of dieing. It is going on 7 years old, has been spinning at 7200rpm every hour of most days for those 7 years. I don't begrudge it failing. It did mean I had to spend 2-3 days reconfiguring my daily use computer. Annoying. More details later.

I bought a Western Digital Green 1.5TB drive. 100 CAD! Cheap! It's only 5400rpm in the hopes it will make less noise. But it's still to noisy. Not so much rotation whine but an annoying click every 4-5 seconds. Something I had back in the day with SCSI drives, but I don't think the old IDE drive had this problem. So either I get an SSD or a fit-pc2 to put it in. Or boot LTSP from the basement.

Also, Jean-Phillipp brought up that maybe we should look into moving our clients' MySQL DBs to SSD. Even at the high prices of SSD, it would cost less then what we are currently doing, which is throwing RAM at the problem. Also, there's only so much RAM that a server can hold. And with datasets getting larger then 33 GB, that approach has reached its limit. However, it turns out that SSD, along with being expensive aren't quite ready for prime-time.

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