The name

This blog's name, User Tolerant Liveware, comes from Doonsebury, by way of Daniel.  Way back in the day, there was a Doonesbury cartoon with "Ah, the User Friendly Liveware" as the punch-line.  Years ago, Susan refered to me as such to Daniel.  He harumpfed and responded to the effect that I was closer to "User Tolerant" then "Friendly."

Can't say I disagree.

Anyway, this is where I plan to complain about computers, so many posts will be technical.  It also gives me a blogger account so that I can contradict Daniel.


Bikemoose said...

It wasn't years ago, it was a month or so ago that I quipped that you were more "user-tolerant" than "user-friendly" liveware. Actually, the expression "user-tolerant" came from a more recent Doonesbury cartoon. Early 90s if memory serves.

Bikemoose said...

Hi again,
The exact exchange was from the last frame of the Wednesday, December 15, 1982 Doonesbury.:
Mike (quoting from a book): “Excuse me, sir. Do you have any user-friendly sales reps?”
Sales rep: “You mean consumer-compatible liveware? No, he’s off today.”
From this exchange was transformed in our family into "user-friendly liveware" as a euphemism for actual (human) computer experts, often meaning Philip.

The phrase “User-tolerant” came from the Friday, October 11, 1985 Doonesbury.

BTW, this piece of research came about from the skillful use of a Windows computer and 12 year old CD-ROM! ;-)