Far to many spelling options in Thunderbird and Firefox

Mozilla projects offer to check the spelling in every language installed on your computer. Which is great, except I don't need South African English, nor will I ever use Swiss French. And wading through the 20 items in the menu to switch from Canadian English to Qu├ębecois French is annoying.

And there is no easy way to fix this.

The hard way is to go into /usr/share/myspell and remove all the .dic and .aff files you don't want.

$ sudo su -
Password for fil@scott: 
# cd /usr/share/myspell/
# mkdir NOT
# mv *.dic *.aff NOT
# ln -s NOT/fr_CA.aff
# ln -s NOT/fr_CA.dic
# ln -s NOT/en_CA.aff
# ln -s NOT/en_CA.dic
Restart Thunderbird and you will now have 2 spelling options.

Yes, these changes are system-wide. There is currently no other way to do it, apparently.

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