WARNING The encryption of encfs is severly broken. Do not rely on it to keep anything secret.

So one can layer encfs on top of google-drive-ocamlfuse.

Here's how I set it up.

yum --enablerepo=epel install rlog-devel boost-devel
wget http://encfs.googlecode.com/files/encfs-1.7.4.tgz
tar zxvf encfs-1.7.4.tgz
cd encfs-1.7.4
./configure --prefix=/opt/encfs-1.7.4   \
        --with-boost-serialization=boost_serialization-mt \

make all && sudo make install
sudo sh -c "echo /opt/encfs-1.7.4/lib >/etc/ld.so.conf.d/encfs-1.7.4.conf"  
sudo ldconfig 
for n in /opt/encfs-1.7.4/bin/encfs* ; do
    sudo ln -s $n /usr/local/bin 

encfs ~/googledrive/Backup/Encoded ~/encfs

And now "all" I have to do is rsync -av /remote/pictures/ ~/encfs/Pictures/ --progress. And wait. A lot, given I'm getting roughly 12.43kB/s though this setup.

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