No fun

Trying to get Percona Server 5.6 to work with SphinxSE 2.1.2 was no fun. First off, it used to be that SphinxSE would create a load of .so .la, .a files. Now it just needs ha_sphinx.so. Second off, you have to execute INSTALL PLUGIN sphinx SONAME 'ha_sphinx.so'; This requires grant tables to be on (I generally have them off because it's less trouble and I have networking turned off in MySQL anyway, unless I have replication going). At least this is saved into mysql.plugin so I don't have to do it each time I restart mysqld.

And then, when I get it all set up, I get the following error

ERROR 1429 (HY000): Unable to connect to foreign data source: failed to resolve searchd host (name=localhost)

I'm WTFing just about as hard as I can right now. localhost is in /etc/hosts. It is also in my DNS server. Has MySQL gone insane? Percona? I'll blame Oracle, because they are just mean.

The solution, of course, is ALTER TABLE sphinx CONNECTION='sphinx://';.

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