A client gave me a brand new used printer. A brand new used colour laser Lexmark C500 network printer. I shall name it Rocky. Because it's a good deal heavier then Gunilla, my BW laser. In fact of all the computer's I've owned, the MIPS RISC/OS computer and maybe the IBM Model 90 where the only ones that weighed more then it.

It works. At least, the web server works and it will print up test pages. It being a first generation POS it uses some secret sacred line protocol that will require a bit of work to get running under Linux.

And 2 of the toner cards need cleaning. But that is just going to be fun.

But the really annoying part is that I'm going to have to spend a day or 3 doing colour calibration, because I'm that kind of compulsive that if I'm going to print out pictures, I want them to look good.

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